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Muso Mirror™ - Quick Starter

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The Muso Mirror – Quick Starter is a light-weight, durable mirror that easily attaches to music stands of up to 40mm in diameter.

Attach the ™Muso Mirror to the music stand pole when playing instruments where you are likely to be seated; e.g. the guitar, ukulele, bass, banjo and piano.

Attach the Muso Mirror to the top of the music stand when playing instruments where you are likely be standing; e.g. the flute, saxophone and for vocalists. 

  • Weight – 1100g
  • Acrylic Mirror size - W.38.7cm x H.38.7cm D.0.5cm
  • Mounting Size 12.7mm (1/2”) – 40mm (11/2”) diameter
  • Horizontal articulated movement
  • Vertical Tilt & Lock
  • Music Stand Not Included


Muso Mirror is designed and manufactured in the UK using the latest CAD/CAM 3D technology to the highest commercial standards via a 4 stage process.

Stage 1

  • Parts are efficiently nested to minimise waste  on zinc coated mild steel sheet then cut with a highly efficient fibre laser. This material will also resist corrosion even if the paint gets chipped.

Stage 2

  • Formed into the various parts required on a 150 tone press.

Stage 3

  • Powder coating then baking at 180 degrees to give a hard wearing durable finish.

Stage 4  

  • Assembly and despatch is carried by hand with a close eye on quality. All materials are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly where ever possible.