Muso Mirror Professional and Mirror for Music Stand by Muso Mirror™
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The Muso Mirror Professional was designed with teaching professionals in mind who need access to the practice mirror they may already use in their homes or teaching studios. You may be a peripatetic guitar, flute or vocal teacher working with pupils of varying abilities in one-2-one or group situations where a mirror becomes in-valuable to help students quickly get real time feedback about their technique or posture.

For teachers who have never used a mirror for guitar tuition imagine teaching a group of 3 children who constantly crane their neck to see their fingers on the finger board. By the time you have given individual time to one child the other two are getting bored and before you know it the 25 minute session has come to an end with no real progress. A mirror greatly helps this situation giving instant feedback and commanding attention from the children – most just love using the mirror.

Children and adults learn more quickly when presented with a mirror which will help maintain their interest in their instruments and ultimately help maintain your income stream.

The Muso Mirror Professional is built for extreme robust use and portability with its sleek metal casing and backing. The holder tray at the bottom is ideal for those small teaching aids many musicians seem to have in abundance such as tuners, capos, pencils etc.

With horizontal articulated movement and the ability to view in portrait or landscape this version is proving to be a stalwart work horse to support the busy, professional musician.

  • Weight – 2000g
  • Mirror Size W.38.7cm x H.38.7cm D3.3cm including pencil tray
  • Mounting Size as above 12.7mm (1/2”) – 40mm (11/2”) diameter
  • Horizontal articulated movement x 2
  • Vertical Tilt & Lock
  • Music Stand Not Included

Muso Mirror is designed and manufactured in the UK using the latest CAD/CAM 3D technology to the highest commercial standards via a 4 stage process.

Stage 1

  • Parts are efficiently nested to minimise waste  on zinc coated mild steel sheet then cut with a highly efficient fibre laser. This material will also resist corrosion even if the paint gets chipped.

Stage 2

  • Formed into the various parts required on a 150 tone press.

Stage 3

  • Powder coating then baking at 180 degrees to give a hard wearing durable finish.

Stage 4  

  • Assembly and despatch is carried by hand with a close eye on quality. All materials are fully recyclable and environmentally  friendly where ever possible. 

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