Muso Mirror relaunch: new stock available for preorder now

All the best bands take a hiatus at some point. Unlike the White Stripes, however, Muso Mirror has survived its time off and is back better than ever. 

As we enter 2021 we are now able to offer preorders of our two main products, the Muso Mirro Quick Starter — our simplest design — and the Muso Mirror Professional Pro Plus, which comes with a rest for your phone or tablet. We will begin shipping in the last week of January. Head to our shop to check them out. 

With a website redesign and a slightly expanded team, we are entering a new chapter at Muso Mirror, another step in our mission to revolutionise the way musicians learn to play an instrument. Whether your hand is hurting after recently picking up the guitar, you’re struggling with posture while holding your flute, or you just want to perfect the way you command a stage, the Muso Mirror will make music practice a great deal easier. 

Since our initial launch in 2015, the Muso Mirror has been to the Music & Drama Education Expo in London, Musikmesse in Frankfurt and NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) in California, garnering praise from a range of musicians at each event and even being featured in Guitarist magazine. 

After selling out all our original stock, founder and inventor of the Muso Mirror Alphonso Archer was diagnosed with prostate cancer and then an arteriovenous malformation in the brain. Thankfully operations on both were successful and Alphonso is now ready to drive the Muso Mirror forward on an even bigger scale. 

Part of our expansion is a more detailed blog: stay tuned to the Muso Mirror website for interviews with some of our biggest fans, including a violinist from Stevie Wonder’s orchestra and one of the UK’s most celebrated classical guitarists. We’ll also provide further insight into our story so far, tips on how to get the best from Muso Mirror, and regular updates from the team on the work we’re doing behind the scenes. 

Here’s to a successful 2021. More coming soon.

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