We want to help you perform better, whatever the instrument!

The Muso Mirror is a simple invention that could revolutionize the way we learn to play an instrument. Currently available in two models, the Muso Mirror clips onto your music stand, allowing you to better observe your technique, improve your posture, and correct your mistakes as you play. It is now being used by professional musicians around the world.

Alphonso Archer, a piano, guitar, and drum teacher based in the southwest of England, invented the Muso Mirror in 2014. Since learning the guitar as a child, Alphonso had always practiced in front of a mirror, even if it meant fighting off the six other children in his house. As he grew up and began teaching music professionally, he would always encourage his pupils to do the same.
In some cases, however, it just wasn’t possible. Some pupils didn’t have a suitable mirror in their house, while others grew bored of having to practice in the bathroom. Alphonso’s solution was to design a mirror that could be attached to a music stand. After a few homemade versions, the first Muso Mirror prototype was born, eventually leading to a partnership with Altex Engineering, allowing for production on a commercial scale. Alphonso has since taken the Muso Mirror to some of the biggest music product trade shows in the world, including London’s Music & Drama Education Expo, Frankfurt’s Musikmesse, and NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) in California. Among supporters of the Muso Mirror are Leslie DeShazor, violinist in Stevie Wonder’s orchestra, Allen Matthews of the Classical Guitar Shed, and Guitarist Magazine, who called the invention “disarmingly simple”.
The Muso Mirror has been sold in many countries including the UK, US, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, and Denmark. It is available in two models, the Muso Mirror Quick Starter and the Muso Mirror One-Stop. It is suitable for guitarists, saxophonists, flautists, drummers, violinists, vocalists, and more.

Whatever your instrument, the Muso Mirror could change the way you play.