Muso Mirror - Musician's Mirror - in Action With Various Musical Instruments - YouTube Videos

Muso Mirror was originally designed to help guitarists practice in a more efficient way by for example helping to make the learning of bar chords easier and less painless through correct posture and instant visual feedback.

Guitarists are often guilty of craning their necks so see the fret board which for beginners can lead to distortion of hand position and quite literally a pain in the neck!

Since setting up Muso Mirror the product is now bought world-wide and used not just by guitarists - violinists, saxophonists, vocalists, clarinetists to name but a few are finding the Muso Mirror, portable music stand mirror an invaluable practice tool to add to their learning aids in the same way that for example a guitar footstool can be of help to various players.

This blog is go to feature various you YouTube videos showing ways that Muso Mirror can be useful for various instruments. I will be posting up student and customers videos over the coming weeks to help show ideas for how to use Muso Mirror. In the meantime here are some videos I have done in my studio.

How Muso Mirror Helps Saxophonists

 How Muso Mirror Helps Vocalists

How Muso Mirror Helps Guitarists



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