Muso Mirror Successfully Launched at Music & Drama Education Expo

I can't believe that it is 28th February 2017 already! 

February was such a busy month working hard with John and the rest of the design team to finalise the 3 versions of Muso Mirror, prepare for the Expo, get photos and videos sorted, continue to teach piano, guitar. drums and Music Therapy, eat, get the picture.

I attended the Expo in 2016 with one of my cruder prototypes in hand to show and tell to anyone that would listen. The feedback at the time from many industry experts combined with enquiries about potential volume orders convinced me it was time to get things moving.

Muso Mirror at Music & Dram Education Expo February 2017, Olympia London

This year, at the Expo with our own stand and three product offerings Muso Mirror Quick Starter, Muso Mirror Professional and Muso Mirror Professional Plus, we were ready show the world our wares and get feedback from a wide array of people. It was quite nerve racking waiting for that initial engagement but when it came it really boosted our confidence and set us up for the what was to come over the  coming two days. 

Alex Stevens from Music Teacher Magazine was one of our first 'distinguished' visitors and his initial reaction that Muso Mirror was 'simple but ingenious' was music to the ears and echoed what a lot of other visitors went on to feedback to us. 

Muso Mirror was initially designed to solve a common guitarist problem of turning the fret board of the guitar towards you and craning your neck to look over it thus a misalignment of your posture and making the instrument that much more difficult to play. Throughout the two days of the show we met cellists, flautists, vocalists, drummers conductors who were totally sold on the concept of Muso Mirror either because they already used a mirror and as teachers had the challenge of how to successfully use a mirror when teaching in various schools and academies or simply got the concept the moment they saw one of the demonstration.

There were many musicians who were puzzled why a company was demonstrating a mirror at a music and drama exhibition which led to many improvised teaching situations with a guitar or borrowed flutes and violins from neighbouring stands. 

I have been teaching with a mirror for years now in many schools and quite recently took on a new contract to teach 20 guitarists some individually and others in groups of four. Having four mirrors setup in that situation was fantastic because I can demonstrate for example a spider technique and get each child to practice in the mirror, maintaining technique and posture whilst I quickly make individual corrections. In a twenty minute teaching situation you have not got much time to get your points across if just one or two players are struggling with technique.

I have spent ages teaching so many poor guitarists privately that pick up such bad technique in these group school teaching situations and hate to think how many just give up therefore wasting that potential; also, it is loss income for that guitar teacher. Muso Mirror helps pupils to learn more quickly, therefore maintaining interest in their instruments and ultimately developing a life long passion for their instrument. 

In summary the Expo was a huge success with orders on the day, a number of distributor negotiations now under way and onward and upwards with our sales and marketing strategy.

It would be great to hear from you with any feedback or comments so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Creatively yours,




Just wanted to add to my previous comment that Alphonso was amazingly helpful all the way through in answering my many questions!

Linda Watts October 31, 2018

Great Product!! I am an adult beginner clarinettist and I knew that I wasn’t quite getting my finger positioning correct so I looked around for a mirror to attach to my stand. I did have ideas of rigging a do-it-yourself get up as I thought that might be cheaper, however, looking at the individual components I realised that it was not going to be that easy or that much cheaper. I AM SO GLAD that I decided to go ahead and buy the swivel muso mirror as it is fantastic. It is sturdy and well made and I can see the whole instrument whilst playing (and my face if I want to) which helps tremendously to get my finger positions right! I did think initially that I needed the next grade up to the Quick Starter, but in fact, the one I have is all that I need. An excellent product and I can see why it should be a must have’ for music teachers!!

Linda Watts October 31, 2018

The MusoMirror is the ever-present reminder that will help you focus on technique.

Joe Draudt October 31, 2018

I have been using my Muso Mirror consistently while practicing the classical guitar. It gives me a good view of both hands. Even with its great adjustability I’m still trying to get angles the give me the most accurate view of what’s going on. It is very well made and definitely is the best commercially made product out there.

Bob Bagley October 29, 2018

What a fantastic product! I’ve been looking for something like this for years. I ordered the Quick Starter and attached it to an old mic stand—so I can easily adjust the height. It’s as described and well made and came within a few days from the UK to the U.S. Thank you Alphonso!

Steve February 11, 2018

I got the original (smaller) Muso Mirror almost three years ago (April 2014) and loved it. I just got the new and improved Muso Mirror and it rocks!
First, it’s larger – it’s very easy to see both hands and your shoulders, so you get a great view of everything you’re doing.
Second, it is so well constructed. It feels really solid, yet moves and positions itself very easily. This is a HUGE improvement over the first version.
Third, it survived the trip across the ocean, from the UK to the US, just fine. It was very well packed and arrived without a scratch.
Fourth, make sure to remove the film covering the mirror! I didn’t realize there was a film on it and was a little surprised at the quality of the mirror, which remained hazy even after I cleaned it. But then Alphonso told me there was a film on it. Once I removed it, it was much better!
Seriously, the Muso Mirror is great. And it’s not just for beginners. Any musician will benefit from it. It’s just way cool!

Fred Pike March 14, 2017

As a beginner guitar student I have had the privilege of using the Muso Mirror from the outset. I love the consistency of learning with the mirror during my lessons and then being able to practice in front of it at home. The Muso Mirror allows me to keep close tabs on my technique and means I don’t hunch over my guitar. I have been able to maintain a good posture and really focus on the accuracy of my finger positions without straining. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Camille March 01, 2017

Great idea and a really positive response at your first exhibition. Really pleased for you – it must give you a lot of satisfaction to produce something that will help people so much.

Ray Metcalfe March 01, 2017

Thank you for the mirror!!! My beginner strings were fighting over who got to use it in rehearsal, and you could really see and hear the difference in their bow angles right away! I’ve also got some private cello students preparing for exams, and even a short session of scales with “Milo the mirror” (kids named him already!) set them off on the path to clearer tone and better posture!

Wesley March 01, 2017

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